SOLD!!! Longines cocktail watch (ladies)

Brand: Longines

Model: Ladies cocktail watch

Year of production: 1960’s

Diameter (without crown): 17mm

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This Longines ladies watch is an elegant yet refined watch for all the vintage watch loving ladies. The stainless steel case has a very dressy design and the sapphire crystal has a faceted side, making it glinster in the light like a diamond. The dial has stick markers for the 4 quarters and pointy markers for the other markers. The watch comes on a black calf leather strap.


The dial is fully original and shows some sings of age. Since the pictures are taken with a macro-lens the patina is much more visible on the pictures, compared to the watch on the wrist. The hands are original and in good condition. The case is razor sharp and almost certainly unpolished. The crown is original and in good condition. The in-house Longines manually wound movement has been fully serviced and is keeping accurate time.

Longines was founded in 1932 by Auguste Aggasiz. Local craftsmen made watch parts and he collected those parts to finish and assemble these parts to complete watches. He then sold those watches internationally. When Aggasiz became ill, he found a successor in his nephew Ernest Francillon. Francilion was educated as economist and had a revolutionary view on the manufacturing of watches. He envisioned a factory where all watch parts would be made by machines, with tolerances so accurate that the parts would be fully interchangeable. In 1876 Francillon sent Jacques David to the United States to research the watch industry, which was already industrialised. With this knowledge, Francillon built a new factory in St. Imier, on a piece of land that was called “Les Longines”. This factory was to become an internationally recognised watch brand, making high quality watches. To the current day, Longines watches are made on the same location where the new factory was once build by Francillon.

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Weight 0.300 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 9 cm