Certina DS-2 blue spider dial (steel)



The Certina DS-2 is in my opinion one the most underestimated vintage watches. The DS (= Double Security) shock absorption technology (developed in-house by Certina) was one of a kind and revolutionary at the time. Certina woud demonstrate this technology by dropping a Certina DS-2 in a specially built drop tower which was 6 meters high. Any normal mechanical watch would definitely be destroyed by this kind of shocks, but due to the rubber shock absorption ring between the case and the movement, the Certina DS-2 would remain unharmed. The Certina caliber 22-661 is a very reliable movement, which I personally love for its very good design & finishing.

The blue dial lacquer has crackled over time, this is called a spider dial and is caused by the different lacquer layers aging differently and therefore cracking. This effect is called a spider dial. I’ve seen quite some of these blue Certina DS over the years and they all have this effect, regardless of the condition of the rest of the watch. These dials were manufactured by Singer and also other brands used Singer dials (like Rolex) have these spider dials.

Furthermore, the case of this watch is in nicely preserved condition. More often than not the cases are very well worn & dented since they were bought for their shock absorption properties and usually put to good use. To find a nice example with an unpolished case in good condition is quite rare. We’re happy we managed to find & offer you this beautiful example. Someone it going to very happy with this piece, I’m sure about that!


Dial+ hands: original dial, good condition, spider dial effect

Hands: original hands, original paint, original tritium lame

Case: unpolished case, good condition, shows signs of wear

Crown: Original crown, good condition

Crystal: Original thick plexi crystal, good condition, no scratches or cracks

Movement: Certina 25-661, good condition, fully overhauled (12 months warranty)

Strap/Bracelet: leather suede strap, generic stainless-steel buckle (not Certina)


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ref. 5301 300

Year (approx.)



Stainless Steel


37mm (without crown)






Certina cal. 25-661 (in-house)

Serial number (movement)


Lug Width



Leather strap