SOLD!!! English Fusee Lever pocket watch

Brand: H.J. Norris

Model: pocket watch/pendant watch

Year of production: +/- 1890

Diameter (without crown): 33mm



With it’s size of 39mm, it’s hard to say wether this watch was specifically made to be worn by men or women. What is absolutely sure it that this is one breathtaking watch. Every surface of the sterling silver case is ornately engraved with very detailed floral patterns. The case hallmarks date the watch to be made in 1890. The dial is also ornately decorated with gold details and mirror polished gold roman numerals. The movement is an English fusee lever movement, which is in a very well preserved condition.



Generally, the watch in in extremely good condition for it’s age. The case has some signs of wear, but there are no dents in the watch case. The dial had some scratches but is in very good condition. The hands are original and in good condition, with no sigsn of rust. The crystal is in very good conditon with some very light scratches. The movement is in excellent condition, keeping time within 1 minute per day. Of course, the movement is fully serviced and sold with a 1 year warranty.

English pocket watches were made in a system known as “the cottage industry”. Craftsmen specialised in the production of one single watch component, like mainsprings, fusee cones,  gears of balance wheels. The components were adjusted and assembled by master watchmakers. All craftsmen would live in one of the watchmaking areas. English watches were considered to be of very high quality.

Additional information

Weight 0.100 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 9 cm